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Uses of Marker in org.xngr

Subinterfaces of Marker in org.xngr
 interface DirectoryMarker
          Identifies and presents a document in the system.
 interface DocumentMarker
          Identifies and presents a XML document in the system.
 interface FileMarker
          Identifies and presents a file in the system.
 interface NodeMarker
          Identifies and presents a node in the system.

Uses of Marker in org.xngr.context

Methods in org.xngr.context that return Marker
 Marker MarkersChangedEvent.getMarker()

Methods in org.xngr.context that return types with arguments of type Marker
abstract  java.util.List<Marker> ServiceContext.getMarkers()
 java.util.List<Marker> NodeContext.getMarkers()
 java.util.List<Marker> FileContext.getMarkers()
 java.util.List<Marker> DirectoryContext.getMarkers()

Methods in org.xngr.context with parameters of type Marker
protected  void ServiceContextManager.add(Marker marker)
          Adds a marker to the manager.
protected  void ServiceContextManager.fireMarkersChanged(Marker source, ServiceContextEvent.Type type)
          Called when markers have been changed.
protected  void ServiceContext.fireMarkersChanged(Marker marker, ServiceContextEvent.Type type)
          Fire an event when a marker has been changed, added or removed.
protected  void ServiceContextManager.remove(Marker marker)
          Removes a marker from the manager.

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