XNGR XML Browser

The XNGR XML Browser framework, provides the functionality to associate Markers with directories, files, XML documents and nodes in a XML document. Services and Actions can be associated to inspect and manage these marked items. Default services include a simple XML Editor and Viewer.

Explorer Screen-shot

The Explorer provides a view of the File System and allows to browse directories, files, XML documents and nodes in XML documents.

A Marker can be associated with a directory, file, XML document or Node in a XML document this makes it possible to provide a presentation or to even make some items visible in the Explorer view. To inspect or manage the item, a Service or Action can be associated.

For instance a DocBook Marker could be added which associates itself with Title elements of a Section. After adding the Marker, all the DocBook documents in the Explorer window would now show the Title elements. A Service which has been associated with this Marker, can now be accessed simply from the Title element.

The XNGR XML Browser makes use of an OSGI framework to facilitate the registration of Markers, Services and Actions. All 'modules' have been packaged as OSGI bundles.

The Markers, Services and Actions API has been kept as simple and effective as possible and the examples have been chosen so they can be used as a starting point for new Markers, Services and Actions.